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General information


To take from home

On Curacao you can almost buy anything that you are used to buy at home.

Car rental

There are multiple large car rental companies located on Curacao where you can book a rental car online. Most of these companies offer Airport pickup and drop off services. It is also possible to rent a car with Villa Passaat, prices start at USD 40,= per day.


Travelling to Curacao does not require any special medicare.


You can drink the water directly from the water tap. Villa Passaat is equiped with an American refrigurator that has a water and ice bar.

Doctors and Hospital

Curacao has a lot of doctors, a large hospital and some private health centres.


You can reach Curacao from a lot of different airports around the world.

From The Netherlands you can depart to Curacao every day with KLM ( or Arke Fly (

From Germany you can depart from Dusseldorf (

From the US you can depart from Miami (

From South America there are multiple locations with direct connections to Curacao.

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Villa Passaat

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