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The below quotes are some examples taken from our guest book in Villa Passaat.  

Our first time in Curacao! Fantastic and especially in Villa Passaat. The view en the pool…..Great!!!!

We have been here before since we have family on Curacao, it keeps getting better and better. We always have the feeling our stay is too short and we have enjoyed all people, the food, the breathtaking sea and great sunshine. We would like to have our own room (does not have to be big) in the fantastic villa. P. Revenboer from Groningen, The Netherlands

And then everything was quiet …………. Unbelievable… what a beautifull house!! And the view………we have no words to describe.

Villa Passaat is even prettier than we expected, we feel home already. We have enjoyed all luxury and the beautifull island of Curacao. From now on, we will never want a house without such a stunning view!!! Fam. De Graaf from Amsterdam, The Netherlands

What else is there to say about this marvelous spot on Curacao? I’ll try; A terrific welcome, the breathtaking view ……. in one word STUNNING!!! The luxurious villa that can be rated *****, yes FIVE stars!!!!! Fam. Vermeulen from Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

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Villa Passaat

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